Benefits & Savings

"Our Rexson makes it right-first-time, just-in-time... every time!"

Improved Profit & Cash

Reduced cost per batch by lower labour usage and material wastage savings.

Increased production by reducing reformulations, and making 'right first time' batches.

Reduced overheads by more effecient production and reduced fixed overheads.

Increased sales by improved quality and rapid order turn-around.
Reduced working capital by preventing over production and reduced stock holding of both raw materials and finished goods.

Boost Quality

Higher product quality by accurate and consistent measurement of ingredients, giving repeatable batch to batch quality.

ISO audit trail simplified by accurate recording of actual raw material usage in any given production batch.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline production by removing QC and correction/reformulation bottlenecks.

Reduced lead times by having fewer reformulations leading to more effective plant usage.

Improved Labour utilisation by reducing non-productive downtime.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduced waste and disposal costs by manufacturing just enough product and recycling old redundant or slow moving stock.

Improved working environment for company staff and a clean, efficient production area to show to potential customers.

Increased Health & Safety by reducing the manual handling of hazardous materials.

Full VOC and ISO reporting to monitor performance and record environmental compliance.